So last night, I started to get a sore throat. Unexpected and FAST. And quite painful. I didn’t have it when dinner started, and by the time I was driving home, I was swallowing and going "…huh. This is odd."

I medicated with my Home Remedy of Choice–hot lemonade cut with vodka and honey–which will kill any sore throat that ails you…or at least, after two treatments, you don’t much care any more, and that’s just as good. I was thinking it might be post nasal drip from allergies, although it was much stronger and more sudden (and I wasn’t all that stuffed up, which is rare this time ‘o years.)

This morning, as I was clearing my throat, I realized I sounded exactly like my hairdresser, who I saw Wednesday, and I bet I got her crud.

Well, poo.

Seems to be a walking wounded thing at the moment. If I can get my Obligatory Batbreath Illustrations done, I’ll call it a day and go lay in bed and play Civ or Plants vs. Zombies or something.

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