Ursula! What is best in life?

To make a cup of tea, wander in the garden, and be delighted by the growmentations of your plants!

…yeah, somehow, I doubt Crom will smile upon me for that. Perhaps when the time comes to yank up weeds we’ll get on better terms.

At least part of the weeds is definitely the sprouted millet, as expected. When the rest get past the two-little-paddles stage, we’ll see what they turn into–more millet being the likely contender. I don’t really care about the millet. The area under the birdfeeder lives in a perpetual state of mulch and churn anyway, and I have written it off for deliberate planting. I yoinked a few small things elsewhere that seemed up to no good. The patch of clover can stay for the moment, since the strawberry that was supposed to be covering that patch has been nipped down to stems by marauding deer. (It came back reliably. It just hasn’t been allowed to stay…)

As some of you may have heard, the historic courthouse in our little town of Pittsboro was gutted by fire last night. No one was hurt, but the building is a near total loss. Smoke was hanging over most of the town. We went out to the Brewery, not realizing that since the courthouse is in the middle of the town–literally in the center of the traffic circle in the middle–all the main streets would be closed and we’d have to take side streets to get to the other side. (Or that the Brewery would be jam-packed because there were only two other restaurants in town that you could GET to.)  Apparently they’re still finding hot spots this morning. Not good.

I wonder if the bronze statue "To Our Brave Confederate Soldiers" is still standing. (Boy, you know you’re in the south…)

Today, working on Batbreath! Tonight, signing at Flyleaf Books at 7pm!

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