Pesky Plague Rabbits

These rabbits in masks are driving me crazy. I want to yell "What am I supposed to do with you? Where do you belong?" but I have generally found that yelling at sketchbook doodles just makes people look at you funny, and the drawings don’t actually answer you. (If they start, THEN I’ll worry.)

I have cut them out and put them on board and placed them on cut paper and then dumped acrylic medium over it, which would have worked well if I hadn’t mixed too much water with the acrylic medium, so that it escaped the little tinfoil ramparts I had created and is now a gloppy mess. (Good thing I put down the wax paper.) Then I tried turning the hairdryer on it to compensate for having overwatered.

Let’s just call that a Learning Experience and move on. Quickly.

It may not be dead–given a day to dry, it may be fine–but at the moment, it is not promising, and I’m anyway not sure that’s where the plague rabbits wanted to be in the first place.

They go somewhere. The guys in the checkerboard hoods went somewhere, and eventually I realized that they went by the name of the Monks of Perdition and wanted to be painted on stone backgrounds and slipped in and out of Gearworld (although they didn’t own it by any stretch) and that was as much information as I got or particularly needed.

The plague rabbits go somewhere else, and I don’t know where, and I’m starting to wonder if they need to stay on brown paper because every time I try to take them off, they cease working. (Some images, I start to think, are like fresh or saltwater fish–they exist in their medium and only in their medium, and if you try to dunk them in another one, you get an image that looks mostly the same but definitely isn’t breathing anymore.) For all I know,  I’m supposed to be cutting these out and using them the way that assemblage artists use faux-vintage photographs of sullen children…putting cut paper wings and crowns on them with a stamped directive to "follow your heart!" (One wonders what a plague rabbit would say…"Follow your mask!" "Follow the stench of rotting bodies!" "For the love of god, save yourself and run!")

Oh well, I’ll figure it out eventually…I think…

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