Monthly Archives: February 2010

Holy crap, just got a note from my agent–Dragonbreath earned out in October! For non-authors, that means that author royalties on sales finally exceeded the big bag of money they plonked down as my advance. Essentially, in October I started making money on Dragonbreath sales, instead of on the publisher’s faith in Dragonbreath sales. (Actually, […]

Yesterday, in D&D, I talked a magic door into opening. I admired its closedness at great length, compared it favorably to far more exalted doors which were not half so closed, and then suggested that we take a journey together to openness. Would the door come with me? Would it prove that it was a door-of-all-trades, a door […]


After years of obsessive scrapbooking, having surrounded herself with inspirational quotes, she realized that her soul did indeed have wings. They were small and dark, with dusty hair-like feathers, and appeared to belong to some large flightless bird, like an emu or an ostrich. It took her some time to accept that with such wings, […]

The front yard looks like a Bev Doolittle painting. You know…the red ground, the pock-marked snow fading in places to a sort of white stippling, the bare trees…I feel like if I could just tilt my head to the right angle and squint, something would pop out. Probably Indians on horseback if this is really a Bev […]

Pendants! Dragonbreath 2! Stuff!

Hello, world! Two things–first of all, Foxloft is offering some snazzy new pendants of my bird art! (And while you’re there, check out the other awesome glass pendant designs–I mean, mine are cool and all, but there’s some SERIOUSLY neat stuff up there.) And big mega-wumbo announcement–is wumbo a word? Wasn’t that on Spongebob once?–Dragonbreath […]

Dropping in briefly on one of the endless discussions of the "gendering" of children’s toys–a topic on which I feel the mixed emotions of A) there is no justification for the all-pink aisle at Target but B) all the Barbies really do kinda need to be together for shopping ease, like all the fruit and all the […]