Yesterday, in D&D, I talked a magic door into opening. I admired its closedness at great length, compared it favorably to far more exalted doors which were not half so closed, and then suggested that we take a journey together to openness. Would the door come with me? Would it prove that it was a door-of-all-trades, a door who could do both closed and open with equal style?*

Kevin tells me that if the art thing doesn’t work out, I may have a future in motivational speaking, at least to architecture. The rest of the party informs me that I am not allowed to have a pet door, unless I find a very small one–a pygmy door, perhaps even a teacup door.

Then we fought dust devils and apparently all nearly died, although we didn’t actually realize it at the time. ("Pfff, four hit points! I can still kick ass on four hit points!")

*This is why I took all that Diplomacy. The initial roll wasn’t great, but he gave it to me anyway for the speech.

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