Hey, nifty! Digger has been nominated over at the Webcomics List Awards! Best B&W Art, Best Character. I’m flattered to see Digger up alongside Agatha Heterodyne!

Aaaand, much belatedly, let me point out that Digger is currently #81 at TopWebcomics.com, so if you wanted to go over there and vote–not neccessarily for me! There are lots of other great strips there! You don’t have to register!–it’d be awesome.

ETA: Also, I am working on page 650, and since people were asking at the con and I couldn’t remember, I went back to check how long I’d been doing the strip. Turns out I was wrong on the panel…I’m about a month shy of seven years on the comic.

I have friends who still talk to me who I’ve known longer than Digger, but not many. And by "not many" I think I mean "Alan Davidson of St. Paul, Minnesota, take a bow."* After that, we mostly get into relatives, who are kinda stuck with me anyway.

*There’s a few more–hi, Dave & Kathy!–who come in either right before or during or awful close, but my mental chronology gets a little wonky around there, and I know I didn’t meet ’em in the flesh until sometime later…

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