The Trader Joe’s house brand of pesto is an adequate, if undistinguished pesto. However, it goes in a lovely forest green color and comes out…pretty much the same color. Except that apparently the dye has REALLY good coverage, because there’s no way I ate THAT muchpesto, and…urr…goodness. At least when you eat beets, you get to do that OH MY GOD, I’M BLEEDING INTERNALLY dance. In this case, I was forced to consider the OH MY GOD I’M HOST TO AN ALIEN PARASITE FROM BEYOND THE GALAXY ITS GOING TO CHEST-BUST ME AT ANY MINUTE NOW OH GOD OH GOD I ALWAYS KNEW I’D DIE IN THE BATHROOM BUT I THOUGHT IT WAS GOING TO BE AN ANEURYSM–oh, wait, I had pesto last night dance, which is much harder on the knees.

It kinda reminds me of the time my childhood Pomeranian got into my mother’s watercolors and pooped viridian (or was it vermilion?) for two days. Kevin says that there’s a similar response when you discover, via the aftermath, that your small child has eaten a crayon.

The package lists no dyes, but it does have basil and walnuts, so maybe that explains it.

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