I would like to apologize. That inexplicable screaming that just invaded the mental aether was, in fact, me discovering that I have thirteen days until I get on a plane for San Jose and FC, which means I have to get everything printed and ready to go by the end of next week.

I have a lot of art done. The general show should be just fine. I just need to run prints. And draw stuff for the adult show. Which I am totally not inspired to do, but oh well, since when did THAT have anything to do with the price of phalloi in China?

And run prints. Lots and lots of prints.

I love my life, really I do. I love cons, too. Cons are lovely. I quite enjoy them.

I just hate preparing for them with the burning passion of a thousand screaming supernovae and all.

(Also! Last of the Azeazelbunny jumbo LE prints, up in the art show at FC. I’ve been sitting on that sucker for five years, waiting for a West Coast con….)

ETA: Oh, hey, last of the Demon Rat jumbos will be at FC, too! I forgot I was down to the last one on him.

Man, good con for the big LEs…

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