So I’m playing Dragon Age: Origins.

It’s a Bioware game, and I will play pretty much any Bioware game ever. When they do it right, they do it very, very, very right. (When they do it wrong, they do it right for about three-quarters of the game, then go "Whoops! Shit! Uh–rocks fall, everybody dies!" They are the game developer equivalent of a Neal Stephenson book in this regard.)

But it has made me Unbearably Happy, after a mere ten hours of play, because I have a giant wardog who is awesome and brings me gifts of random objects (favorite so far, soiled silk pantaloons) and furthermore, in every area, there is a Significant Landmark, and if your giant wardog cocks his leg on this landmark, he is granted a bonus for being the dominant dog in the area. Bioware knows the way to my heart.

I am fully aware that the odds are good that they will kill my wardog heroically later and make me cry like a little girl,* but I will play anyway.


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