The check engine light came on in my car t’other day, and I finally got it into the dealer–it’s under warranty, so might as well.

So yesterday was spent sitting around my buddy Deb’s, commiserating over writing, working on Black Dogs on the laptop, and waiting for the mechanic to call. At last he did, informing me that there was a "major evap leak" (whatever that means) and they can’t pin it down. Ergo, I am now carless for the weekend.

It’s amazing how cavalier one gets when it’s under warranty, though…"Do what you need to do! It’s all good!"

So hopefully I’ll get it back Monday.

In other news, our deathly winter storm that was supposed to bury us all has left stuff soggy but unimpressive. I am sad. There was one really good-looking snowfall, the big fluffy flakes that want to accumulate, but it didn’t last long enough to get anywhere.

However–and more importantly!–Biting Pears are in! They’re being processed by the good people at Patch Together right now, and hopefully will be mailed out soon! (Woohoo!)

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