Topping off a month already filled with win, Kevin has just been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

He’s got insurance, fortunately, not through his soon-to-be-ending-job. They gave him pills and told him to go take a class/see a nutritionist. No insulin shots, and he hasn’t been having blackouts or getting woozy or anything like that, although gee, that leg tremor when he eats anything with high fructose corn syrup sure makes sense now. It’s mild enough that I’m not surprised it’s gone undiagnosed this long–quite probably it’s hereditary, since a couple relatives in line seem to have something similar. Kevin’s a bit overweight, but not significantly obese, and they seem to think it’s controllable with diet and oral medication, so that’s something.

Diet, though….This is kinda uncharted territory for both of us, and while I’m reading up on the American Diabetes Association website, and the rules seem to be along the lines of "You can probably mostly eat what you did, except less of it and more evenly spaced out, and stay away from McDonald’s," we are largely in the dark. When he gets home from work, I’m dragging him off to go get books on the topic. (Also, fish is in fact recommended twice a week. Thank god. If they banned him from sushi, I think he’d lose the will to live. He might have to go heavier on the nigiri and less on the rice-heavy rolls, but still.)

Since genetically speaking, I’m almost certainly pre-diabetic in the exact same fashion, and merely a few years behind–and in the spirit of solidarity!–I’ll be joining him on the dietary restrictions.

Any advice or suggestions from readers who have been there or live with someone who’s there would be awfully helpful! It’s particularly hard when the generic guidelines seem to be "eat healthy!" and "eat more vegetables!" and not, y’know, something quantifiable.

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