General Ramblings and a Reminder

Yesterday, I was totally making art. I was ambitious. I Got Stuff Done. I did a Digger, mailed a fat stack of art, hit the bank, did some sketching, fixed the cover for Wurstbreath, and did the Klimt’s Owl piece and a wee little quickie for FC, while playing D&D.

Today, I do not have to do most of those things, and have a lot more time to draw if I so desire, and instead my brain is congealed into a thin goo at the bottom of my skull and asking if it would be okay if it just played video games for awhile.

Apparently I am only productive when I have a lot of other stuff to do.

Fortunately, I may yet kickstart myself into productivity, as I have to run a bizillion prints still, to keep up with Christmas orders–REMINDER: If you want art for Christmas, please try to get your order in this week! You’ve got a narrow window the week after, if you’re in the US, but that involves me staying up late and hooking my veins to the printer when I run out of magenta, and I stop being able to guarantee Christmas delivery outside the country very very soon now! Red Wombat Studio is ready and willing for all your Ursula art needs, but the sooner the better!

I’ve also decided to shut down shipping for the last two weeks of the year–you can still order, but orders won’t be filled until after New Years, since I’ll be spending much of that in Arizona visiting my dad and showing Kevin the Grand Canyon for the first time. So that’ll be cool.

And now! To the printer!

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