I am all fat on turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and homemade mac and cheese. And pie. And wine.

It was a good Thanksgiving. Well, the beagle tried to climb on everybody and generally proved that we are the owners of a horribly untrained dog, which fills me with abiding shame, but I drowned it in pie.*

Now I kinda wanna go play old video games and roll around on the bed being fat and lazy.

Meanwhile, since you’re likely also well-fed and feeling just slightly queasy from eating too much, it’s the optimal time to inflict Mildly Horrible Sketches on you! Click to see the full view!

One of Natasha’s incredibly popular vore pics is this dragon eating a unicorn. It’s played off pretty seriously, but when she said "Okay, what do I draw?" I immediately said "A unicorn eating a dragon!" and…well…

It’s the little heart that makes it.

Three different artists on this page, including Natasha’s infamous nursing phalloi. I did the one in the middle, with much direction–"Do paws! They go nuts for paws! And add drool! Drool totally sells!" "EWWWW!"

You’re really rather happy you don’t know what the slurp slurp is going to. Trust me.

And finally…Natasha drew the one in the mousetrap, which involved a lot of "OH GOD, WHY WOULD YOU EVEN THINK SUCH A THING!?" and mine is the relatively more tame one below.

This is the tamer stuff. There are significantly more horrifying things in the sketchbook, but you’ll have to buy Kevin a drink at a con and ask him. There’s stuff I’m just not willing to post in public, and the thing with the hamster…and the other thing with the hamster…and god, the incredibly detailed zombie phalloi…*twitch*

*Someday, I’ll go to obedience training with the damn dog, but half the trainers I’ve talked to go "He’s a beagle," and look at me pityingly. I can’t shake the feeling that if I was a hunter, he would be a fantastic dog, but that’s not going to happen. What I really need to do is just shell out for some one-on-one classes with a good trainer. And also more hours in the day would be nice.

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