Blargh. Took a nap, had one of those weird complicated dreams that meander around and around, and at one point I was attempting to explain my feelings about the book Nation to my former stepfather and then driving around looking for parking and a minute later I found myself as a young boy playing a grand piano in the middle of a jungle, while a giant boar slept on the ground barely a foot away, and if I stopped playing, the boar was going to wake up and go rampaging. Which was an interesting visual, anyway, and one of those weird dichotomies where you’re watching the scene from outside, and at the same time, you’re staring down at your hands on the keyboard playing the Dies Irae and feeling a strange bleakness because you know you can’t keep playing the piano forever and sooner or later the giant pig is going to wake up and devour you, which is of course one of those universal fears Freud was always on about.*

Now my mouth feels fuzzy.

*Possibly he might have couched it in different terms.

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