Back from MFF!


Con was exhausting, as they always are, but pretty good. Sales weren’t fantastic–art show was down for everybody, I’m told, and I have nothing to judge table sales/commissions against other than Anthrocon, which is my biggest con of the year, so by those standards, it wasn’t all that hot–alas, without being a GoH and having them actually pay for my hotel room, I still can’t quite afford to do it as a yearly con. I wouldn’t lose money, but I’d be working like a dog for the weekend and the two-week run-up to turn a couple hundred bucks worth of profit, and my time is growing increasingly, terrifyingly precious, so it’s not quite feasible yet.

I hold out hope for the future, though–they’re growing like gangbusters, and I’ll definitely try it again in a few years!

Practicalities aside, it was a VERY fun convention. Hung out with the artist cadre, got drunk with had sushi with and spent Sunday evening with

who decided, with the extreme punchiness that one gets at the end of a con, that I needed to learn to draw vore.* I retaliated by deciding that she needed to draw phalloi, which she took to like a duck to water. We only had a couple of sketchbooks lying around though, so Kevin, who had never had a sketchbook before at a con and didn’t really know what to do with it, is now the very proud owner of one that has things. Terrible, terrible things.** The con staff started coming up to the guest suite to see this sketchbook. (Personally, I think Natasha’s phalloi nursing a litter of little…phallets?…was genius…) He is very happy. (A number of other artists who wandered in also contributed, but in the interests of preserving their reputations, I shall not name names.)

And we came home. Apparently the birds came out in force while we were gone–at this moment, I can see three kinds of woodpecker, including the big pileated, and so far this morning there’s been a flycatcher and a kinglet and some random sparrows and a flock of juncoes and the usual more common garden birds.

Now, to get ready for Thanksgiving…and FC in two months…

*A type of porn where people get off on things being eaten by other things. And being happy about it. You see it in some furry art and a lot of R. Crumb drawings and hentai and barbecue signs and don’t ask why people find this hot because I haven’t a CLUE. Mind you, I don’t get the inflation stuff or the macro stuff either, but hey, different strokes, haggis shortages, etc.

**Once you’ve drawn it, you can’t undraw it!

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