Ladies and gentlemen, squids and wombats, it’s That Time Of Year Again.

Christmas shopping time. Yup.

Prints are great! Prints are inexpensive, they’re signed, and if you pop ’em in a nice mat, they look like you spent quite a lot of time and/or money and they’re totally personal in that "I knew you were the kind of person who would appreciate penguin barbarians!" sorta way.

If you want to order prints–and I hope you do!–I beg you to get your orders in now. Today would be great! Tomorrow is also awesome! At any rate, before December is best! Head to and order! If you have a print you want that’s not there, drop me a line–I’ll get it uploaded, or I’ll get you a quote and we’ll do it the old fashioned way by e-mail. Regardless…the sooner the better. Mail gets awfully backlogged out here come December, and it’s much easier to guarantee arrival on time if you order before December.

I can take orders through the first week of December on print orders in the US–I really can’t stress enough that for international orders, if you want ’em on time, order very soon! I beg of you! I’ll do my best, but stuff gets SLOW at the border!

Thank you very much.

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