Well, Life Goes On…

Where there’s life, there’s hope, as they say. Back to work. I have three days to finish prepping for the MFF art show/finish running prints, and doing Diggers and by the way, if you could get that cover for Curse Of The Were-Wiener done, that would be lovely!

On the good news front, the local arts council got back to me to say that they’d love to have my stuff, so I’m matting and bagging some little 5 x 7’s, and experimenting with printing cards In My Copious Spare Time. (I’m taking a completely scattershot approach with these–I have no idea what’ll sell in this venue, so I’m mostly running a half dozen Greatest Hits and one or two random pieces. And I gotta do a little about-the-artist scrap of paper that can be tucked in the back of the bag, too….stuff, stuff, stuff…)

I don’t even expect this to be a major income source or anything, I just kinda want to be part of the local art scene, I guess, since I’ve lived on the internet since the beginning, and it’d be nice to plug in locally in some fashion.

And now, Digger! And then mailing prints! And then perhaps lunch!

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