Thank you guys all so much for your input! I really appreciate it!

Okay. Here’s what I’m thinkin’ I’ll do…

Platypus (and fox) were the big winners. I’d love to do Platypus, but because I’d have to do a mirror image thingy, in order to do right and left that’s a minimum 200 order, and I need to do proof of concept first–my concern is mostly weight, since these are going to be fairly heavy earrings, akin to the big Laurel Burch earrings (which I love, and wear!) but also just practical terms, how tricky it is to assemble, how much the mailing makes me weep, etc, etc. Not as much a concern for pendants, or for selling them as keychains/charms/pulls/whatever but I want to cover all bases–I really want to make earrings work, because those I’ll actually WEAR, ya know?

So, I’m gonna try a symmetrical design first. If it works, if there’s interest, then platypus will be the next option, and after that, sky’s the limit–if it works and set-up doesn’t make me want to weep, this may be an on-going thing every coupla months. We’ll see how it goes.

For symmetrical designs, I’ll do four or five–bat and turtle would work well for full body, and then probably a couple of heads. (Fox got a LOT of votes…) I’ll post ’em here, put it to another poll, and then do pre-orders on the top design. If I can ten pre-orders for earrings, or fifteenfor pendants, or some combination thereof, that’ll cover half the cost of the run, and I’ll put in the order and we’ll go from there.

So! Watch this space for future developments….

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