Shameful Confession #261

I love Skelanimals.

I know, I know, they sell them at Hot Topic, it’s like Hello Kitty for goths, it is a cold and calculated marketing scheme designed seize my inner pre-teen girl by the wallet and shake until I rain quarters.

It works.

I’m not well.

They’re selling Skelanimals stuff at Target for Christmas. I CANNOT BE EXPECTED TO RESIST THIS.

There are magnets on my new car now. I am wearing pink fingerless gloves with little skeletal bats on them as I type this. There is a Skull Owl on my keychain, which is actually a Mayan messenger of the terrible lords of the dark underworld of Xilbalba, although technically I think his name is Oliver.

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  1. Justa Precht says:

    Do you know how I avoid duplicate iCal alerts? (Apple support does not, so far…) I think b/c of iCloud calendar sharing in between my husband and i, I’m getting two alerts for every event on the iMac and on the iPhone. all the things is up to date and i possess a new MacBook Pro and the new iPhone 4s.

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