So the place that does my little cloisenne lapel pins can do pendants. And pendants are presumably a hop-skip-and-jump from earrings, since if they’ve got a little ring at the top, we might be able to work something on the earring front, assuming they don’t weigh a bizillion pounds.

Downside, the minimum order on stuff is like, 100, and we run into the snag on earrings in that a design like the platypus would require me to get 200 made, if we wanted a left and right one, and since I’d be laying out somewhere in the vicinity of $500 to get those made, I’d need to sell at least thirty-forty pairs (assuming a price point around $18, which strikes me as pretty damn good for cloisonne earrings!) in order to cover the cost of the making, plus the booze I’d need to lay in for the Earring Backing Party where I get a half-dozen good friends who can be bought to sit around with needle nose pliers popping hook backs onto the things and drinking heavily.


I am tempted to do a few more designs, and see if I cook up a bilaterally symmetrical one, minimizing initial order size and only requiring me to sell twenty pairs…and of course, I could have a few as pendants, too.

Okay! As a very unscientific poll, and I don’t know if I’m going to do it at all, let’s see what the species interest is…

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