Sometimes I feel like my artistic career is a spiral. I don’t stay on the same thing for long, but I figure out a little more each time, and I get back to it eventually.

At least, I hope that’s true, because otherwise my art career looks like the flight of a deranged fruit-fly, which is less emotionally satisfying.

Vivid Platypus!

(God, I wish I could figure out a way to mass produce earrings or necklaces of some of these designs…)

In other happy news, I glanced out the window, saw a chickadee, looked away, paused, went "That didn’t look quite right somehow…" dug out the binoculars, and discovered that in fact the "chickadee" was none other than a Least Flycatcher. I have probably seen them before–there were a lot of flycatchers in Tennessee–but the Empidonax are notoriously hard to tell apart, and the only reason I’m fairly confident in its status as a Least is because they’re one of only two common in this neck of the woods, and the Willow is a little greener and more pale in the breast and likes the canopy instead of the undergrowth where mine was hanging out. So I’ll finally mark that one off the lifelist, and certainly a first for the yard list.

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