How We Amuse Ourselves Around Here

It’s cold out, so Kevin got the fireplace going, which involved a lot of fooling around with the thing (it’s a gas fireplace, and it wasn’t lighting or something arcane like that. I am still a little unsure of the gas fireplace concept, but I have to admit, it beats chopping wood.)

With it finally running, Kevin stood proudly before it and said "Og make fire!"

"Og manly," I conceded, wandering through with my hot-cider-and-butterscotch-schnapps.. "But can Og kill mammoth?"

"…only if mammoth no step on Og."

Knowing Og Kevin as I do, I put a hand on his shoulder and gazed deep into his eyes. "Will Og be bringing mammoth home, naming mammoth, and attempting to rehabilitate mammoth?"

He hung his head. "Welllll….only if not clean kill…."

"Would not have Og any other way."

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