My car may have just died. I was going to look at getting a new one, once my big advance arrived…it hasn’t yet, but I have just enough that I could scrape together a down payment on something decent.

I’d kinda been hoping to drive it to a lot and get a trade-in, though, and if it’s not driving, that’s a little trickier. My fear is that it’s the transmission that’s going–it won’t start, I think because it doesn’t really believe the car is in park–and the cost of getting a transmission fixed is way more than I’d get on trade-in. So I just had it towed home (always a Sunday, the death of cars…) and I’ll get it hauled down to my mechanic tomorrow, and hear the verdict.

For all I know, the little snail on the treadmill died.

So if this all is true, I may wind up buying a new car this week. (Well, new for ME.) Tonight, Carmax, tomorrow…I don’t know what. Plus I have to go make sure the title is really truly in my name and not my ex’s and mine, and…ugh. It’s gonna be a fun week.

I have never shopped for a car alone–I was hoping Carlota’d be in the state when next I did, because she is fearless and tends to leave salesmen befuddled and traumatized in her wake–but Kevin will undoubtedly come with me. He’s not a size H cleavage, but he’ll do.

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