Yesterday was good, but very exhausting. (The remnants of the flu include a tight chest, generalized soreness, and I’m still very easily tired. Apparently that’ll last for awhile.) I woke up late this morning, crawled out to the studio, and happened to glimpse a flicker of bird movement out of the corner of my eye.

I fished out the binoculars, not with any real hope–it was in pretty good cover–and indeed, I never caught more than a flash of the body. The tail, however, was spread, bright yellow, and had a sharp black T-shape on it. Being very bad with warblers, I went to the book, where I discovered (as most veteran birders are probably already aware from that description) that it was a female American redstart.

It’s not a lifer, but it’s a much better sighting than my last, which I barely recall (I have it noted on the list, but memory is fickle–must’ve been on my trip to Tennessee during the migration. Obviously not a very dramatic sighting.) 

And now, finally to work on Wurstbreath…I want this sucker done by the end of the month.

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