Well, my fever is broken, so I’m probably out of the woods. If the CDC is to be believed, it’s almost certainly swine flu, but I managed to skip most of the nasty symptoms. If I don’t have the sudden relapse with dreadful cough, then I’m on the road to recovery!

I have a headache and I’m weak as a kitten, but at least I’m not hot-and-cold-and-hot any more, and the nasty raw-skinned feeling is almost entirely gone. Spent a good chunk of the day in bed, until restlessness forced me to wander around and do some very slow cleaning. (I know! I’m taking it easy! The state of the floor was far more detrimental to my health than five minutes with the vacuum!) Unfortunately, although I’m very weak, I’m not TIRED, which means laying in bed is growing increasingly tedious. Yesterday’s Clint Eastwood marathon was rare prize in the lint-filled grab-bag of daytime TV, and probably will not be repeated.

As per the CDC instructions, I will wait 24 hours from my fever breaking before returning to work, which means I’m skipping tomorrow’s event, but should be okay to do Sunday, assuming I feel suitably human by then.

ETA: Also–and I had forgotten because of the plague and all–this is the one year anniversary of having moved in with Kevin! I am quite astonished that it’s been that long. It’s been awesome. Occasionally frustrating, frequently bizarre, and the house is still not in the state that either of us would like…but awesome. One of the best years of my life.

Of course, this also means it’s the one year anniversary of my apartment getting robbed, and whatever else I can say, the swine flu’s cheaper.

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