Monthly Archives: July 2009

See, this is the problem with being the daughter of an agonizingly talented artist. "OH!" says Mom, "you’ve been working on brown paper! So have I! Isn’t it awesome stuff?" And then she sends me these: And I go "Apfragglezgglophblugggh!??!" and run around in circles clutching my head because if I live to be A THOUSAND I will never be […]

A wet, rainy day here…glad to see it, since the garden was gasping in the heat. Of course, the rain has flattened my poor anise hyssop, but hopefully it’ll spring back up soon. Meanwhile more art! Cold RabbirdBlue Sheep and some AC stuffTamandua HeartWee Echidna Blargh, it’s such a Monday. I should go shower. Drag myself […]

Art Dump!

It is a painfully glorious day. I highly recommend the pink pepperbush to any native gardeners–or gardeners in general. For awhile it was just a reasonably generic foundation shrub, but in the last few weeks it popped with pale pink bottle-brush spikes, and it’s lovely. And the bees can’t get enough, when they’re willing to abandon […]

So yesterday I’m driving into town to pick up art supplies and meet Carlota for lunch, and a trucker honks at my car. Crap, I think, do I have a flat tire? He pulls up alongside me and I lean over to see if he’s pointing frantically to my rear tires and making throat cutting gestures […]

I rediscovered my love of brown sketchbook paper at the con–saw some gorgeous stuff done on it–but when I went to find a sketchbook, bugger if I could locate one with the brown paper! (Anotherartist warned me that it was hard to come by, and turns out she was right.) Three art supply stores, and all I could […]