Art Dump!

It is a painfully glorious day. I highly recommend the pink pepperbush to any native gardeners–or gardeners in general. For awhile it was just a reasonably generic foundation shrub, but in the last few weeks it popped with pale pink bottle-brush spikes, and it’s lovely. And the bees can’t get enough, when they’re willing to abandon the liatris for ’em.

Yesterday was a lazy day. I gardened, Kevin and I hung a lot of art–Kookaburra! Steampunk octopus! ADORABLE CRAB! and we generally hung out and played video games and amused ourselves.

Today I am wallowing in the joy that comes of knowing that somewhere, people are in church, and I’m not one of them. (Years–decades!–since my somewhat vague Catholicism lapsed, and I still enjoy this.) Time to scan some doodles from yesterday…apparently I’m in a serious rabbit mood at the moment. (I’m also feeling more like doodling…something about Cons gets me doing little sketchy pieces happily for awhile. Also, there’s a couple from AC in there too.

Grumpy Bunny
ACEO–Black Bunny
ACEO– St. Wormulard
ACEO — St. Snailius

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