I rediscovered my love of brown sketchbook paper at the con–saw some gorgeous stuff done on it–but when I went to find a sketchbook, bugger if I could locate one with the brown paper! (Anotherartist warned me that it was hard to come by, and turns out she was right.) Three art supply stores, and all I could find was a pack of fifty bookmarks. (Now I see why she was doing those neat originals in bookmark sizes–necessity! Still, it’s a fun size to play with…)

So, you get bookmark-sized doodles from this afternoon.

Little Brown Sketches 1

Little Brown Sketches 2

Pileated Phalloipecker (MATURE)

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And in the course of fooling with my sketchbook, I discovered the sketch for this, and thought it’d be a fun quickie:

Blue Tang Bunny

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