Reading through my flist today was like the hit parade of links to articles about people doing stupid things…small children flushing puppies down the toilet,* elderly Christian activists suing a library for the right to burn a book about homosexuality because exposure to it caused them lasting emotional harm, etc, etc ad nauseum.

What a world.

My faith in humanity is at a low ebb. Perhaps I will go put a coat of paint on this chair that I am repainting. Of course, it’s pouring rain, which means that it’s going to take a year to dry (I’m painting it on the front porch) but I wouldn’t have time to put a second coat on until tomorrow anyway.

*The puppy lived–it was a heroic-rescue-of-animal-in-drainpipe story. My primary takeaway is not heartwarming, however, so much as a desire to beat the children involved, and then beat the parents much, much harder, for allowing four-year-olds around a one-week-old puppy unsupervised.

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