Yesterday was cool, but exhausting. Went on a bookstore crawl in the Triangle, looking to see who had Dragonbreath in stock, and signing the copies when they did. We hit seven stores, and all of them had copies! It was awesome, if tiring.

Then I came home and amused myself playing Spore, which I hadn’t touched in months. Finally got to the space level, which is almost exactly like a very old game called Frontier, except with really good graphics and slightly less fiddly trading.

Next weekend, HeroesCon! I am sorta kinda ready, although I need zip ties and a new wheely-cart thing.

Also, in the last forty-eight hours, my cantaloupe plants decided to take over the WORLD. The roma tomato is bad enough–it’s decided that it’s a shrub–but the cantaloupe went from crawling along the veggie bed to making a break for the yard. I fear it.

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