Wow. I’ve…um…huh.

So I did this painting. Of a hot sauce label. That was meant to be sort of tacky and charming and vaguely off-color as many hot sauce labels are.

It’s…um…well, it…I mean, it wasn’t intentional but…

Dude, this is the most homoerotic thing I’ve ever drawn, and I say that as a woman who has drawn two penis-creatures cuddling.


I kept thinking it’d get better if I kept painting, but…urrr. Not so much. It’s…well…I mean…um.

I mean, if I’d meant to do it, that’d be one thing, I’d be quite pleased with myself, but since it just happened kinda accidentally, and no matter what I did, it got…more so. Errr.

I eventually called Kevin in to see if I was hallucinating the homoerotic quality of the piece, and Kevin took one look and fell down, so possibly it’s even worse than I think.


Chapped Ass Hot Sauce

ETA: OH SWEET JESUS, I didn’t even notice the negative space…oh…oh dear…

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