Working on a new painting…I have great hopes, but I’m not sure if it’s going to actually work in practice. The underpainting is done, but we’ll see if my ultimate vision is achievable. I’m hoping to have pushed my basic tendency toward cute things to a point where it just gets freaky.

Meanwhile Kevin saw the work-in-progress, and was unsettled.

URSULA: So, what I’m going for here is the border between cute and disturbing…
KEVIN: Uh…no, it’s really just kind of disturbing. 
URSULA: That’s good too!
KEVIN: No, I mean…it’s kind of squicking me out.
URSULA: Is it the eye? The hands?
KEVIN: No…it’s…the top is sort of like a fetus, and this bit here…it just looks so unfinished…like it slid out of the womb stillborn but its eye is open and it’s talking.
URSULA: Awesome!
KEVIN: It took a year and a half, but with that painting, you’ve finally managed to weird me out. 
KEVIN: You realize that no one will buy this.
URSULA: Are you kidding? That definitely makes it real art.

He’s still about fifty to one for successfully weirding ME out, including that one time in the Anthrocon Art Show, which was sort of self-inflicted. Still. I take what victories I can.

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