Man, Otter wrought better than she knew on the reef tank thing.

I get up every morning and go turn on the lights in the tank. 

And I don’t look for the fish.

I like the fish, don’t get me wrong. I hope the fish is ecstatic in his new home (and granted that he was in a smaller box at the fish store, with a single rock, and now he has a whole rockwork to bop around in, I think he probably thinks he died and went to Goby heaven) I am pleased to see the fish. He is a cute little fish, and if he darts past, I smile.

But what I look for, the minute I turn on the tank, is how the woobly coral is doing (it’s a torch coral, but if it made a sound, the sound would be "wooble") Is it extending? How long are the tentacles? How are the zoo coral polyps doing? Mushroom still mushroomy? Nobody’s bleaching or overrun with nudibranches or anything like that?

God help me, I’m in it for the invertebrates.

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