Monthly Archives: February 2009

Every now and again, a painting grabs me by the throat and does not put me down until it is painted. Sometimes the results are awesome. Sometimes…well, sometimes I’m the only one who thinks they’re awesome. Such is life. The inspiration seems to arrive independant of the quality. I have attempted to locate a word […]

This is just too much fun. allows you to make a font out of your handwriting if you have an image editing program or a printer & scanner. Astonishingly, this actually looks a fair amount like my handwriting, although the angles are a little peculiar and I tend to squash stuff up next to my […]

Blargh. It was too easy to wake up this morning–I was having this wonderful dream that I was moving into this incredibly cool house. The first floor was a kind of compact English-cottage sort of space, the second floor was a fairly open floor plan set of bedrooms, with one massive bathroom with a huge […]