I felt much, much better today.

However, signs would indicate that while my body returns to health, my mind slips ever further towards the edge.

Catgirl Phalloi

Non-DA Link

I felt a little odd painting this. I mean, more than usual. It was as if I was single-handedly inventing a fetish, and I’m not entirely sure if I’m ready for that, particularly since there is something oddly non-sexual about the phalloi and I almost feel a little weird subjecting the poor little critters to such things.

And yet, my desire to paint little phalloi in fursuits is so overwhelming that I might reserve an adult panel in the next Anthrocon just in case.

ETA: Two things on DA horrified me, because I could suddenly see them so very clearly.

The first was the suggestion that there needed to be a phalloi alphabet book (C is for catgirl…X is for XXX subject matter….?)

The second was that if it was indeed a fetish, soon there would be a forum, and people with their own little phalsonas. I believe that word broke my brain. Ganesh have mercy on us all.

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