Also, the weather here is spectacular, we’re having reports of spring peepers starting up, and the daffodils are visible from my window.

Unfortunately, so is the bindweed, and despite lingering illness, body ache, and sore throat, I am feeling the itch to go out and kill that stuff.

ETA: EEE! EEE! My anise hyssop is growing! There are wee little leaves starting up down by the base!

There’s a green flush on the Mt. Airy witch hazel, too…nothing yet on the snakeroot or the American holly, but EEE! LIFE!

I broke down–since I was ripping out bindweed ANYWAY–and put three bareroot red chokeberry into the ground. My bareroot order did not arrive before the freeze–we had an unseasonably early freeze, followed by snow, followed by early warmth–and I’d pretty much written them off. Today, however, I cracked open the box that’s been sitting on the deck, and lo and behold, most of them appear to be alive! (A couple of the Indian currants are iffy, but the spicebush and the chokeberry were rarin’ to go.) 

I’m still rather sick, and should not be working in the garden, but eh, screw it. The weather is too glorious to waste.

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