Nocturnal Ramblings

Long ’round 6 AM, according to Kevin, I became quite agitated about flying whales exploding over Manhattan. I insisted it was horrible.* He told me it was a dream, and I apparently calmed down and went back to sleep, assuming I had even really woken up in the first place.

I don’t remember any of this conversation. I do remember part of the dream–I was standing at a huge viewing window looking over the skyline of a city (presumably New York, if my statements to Kevin are to be believed.) and there were whales in the harbor. (Bowhead whales, to be precise.) Some of them where in the water and some of them weren’t. As I watched, two whales swam in–a little bit above the water, so I guess they were flying whales–supporting a third, who looked very raw and bloody. It opened its mouth, and its skeleton climbed out and collapsed into the water.

This was, indeed, pretty horrible.

Those of us watching through the viewing window are, of course, horrified by the sudden decamping of the whale skeleton, and begin freaking out, a situation made absolutely no better by the fact that we suddenly all had hand puppets on our left hands, in red and yellow felt, of this horrible cartoon dog that was laughing hysterically at the poor whale. So we were all running around this room trying to yank off these evil laughing hand puppets, which were filled with some kind of sticky foam that made them very hard to get off.

This was also quite horrible.

I don’t actually remember anything past that point–obviously there were some exploding whales in there somewhere later–but fortunately that bit didn’t imprint to memory. Actually, I wouldn’t have remembered any of it, except that as I was waking up, Kevin sat up, said "Okay, I have to take the dogs out…and when I get back, I want you to tell me all about flying whales over Manhattan." 

(And yes, I have seen the exploding Oregon whale footage. I’m from Oregon. We know all about the whale.)

*Well, it would be!

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