I am drinking this truly awesome thing that I can only describe as a sparkling sake cooler. It came in an incredibly girly pink bottle, and it shouldn’t get me nearly as drunk as it does, but half of one these little wine-cooler sized bottles is enough to get me nicely toasty. (Not quite "forcing each word out through the crushing weight of the universe" drunk, but there’s a definite heaviness across the bridge of my nose.)

I mention this because while I’m fooling with the design for the next tea label–Red Wombat Tea, via Ellen Million, will offer a chai tea next year–I am also drinking, and that’s sort of bad because by the time the sake is half-gone I start thinking that Screaming Lungfish Beer would be seriously awesome, and the problem is that when I put up fake labels, people ask to buy the products, and while Ellen has been amazing with the soap and the tea, liquor is probably asking a bit much.

So we’ll have to settle for

Cheshire Chai

(Seriously, though, wouldn’t Screaming Lungfish be an awesome brand?)

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