Dangit, I think something’s wrong with Ben again.

He’s still eating his gooshy food, he’s not dehydrated, he’s using the litterbox as near as one can determine, and his nose is the right temperature, so he’s obviously not doing TOO badly. There are no injuries that anyone can find, and the patch that he had licked raw is healing up nicely and regrowing fur. He just doesn’t seem himself. He’s hanging out under the bed, which is unusual, and he hasn’t slept with us at night for a few days.

Best guess would be that the coneing was sufficient stress to kick off another episode of kitty herpes, but he’s acting weirdly jumpy, so I can’t rule out that one of the other cats may have kicked his ass and left him with a serious case of shame. Kevin’s theory is that he’s sulking because the BEAGLE gets to go into the studio and he doesn’t. (The beagle’s destruction is limited to the area near the floor, so cats in general are banned from the studio. I would make an exception for Ben, if he seemed interested, but he’s not waiting outside the door pining or anything.)

Hrrrmpph. I’ll keep an eye on him, and if he’s not back to normal by Monday, guess it’s time to try out the local vet.

Blargh. If he’s still having these problems after a few more months, I may have to put him back on kitty sedatives or something…I don’t want him stressing himself into ill health…

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