See, this is why it works…

At some point in the small hours of the morning, Kevin was getting dressed for work and I woke up enough to open one eye.

Kevin: Hey.
Ursula: I had a dream that I had a fortune cookie, and the fortune said "Love is the best suit, but a chrysanthemum suit keeps you drier."
Kevin: ….
Kevin: (to the cat) You better not go cuddle with her, Angus. She’s obviously lost her mind.
Ursula: Shut up, it’s genius….zzzzzz…..

A few minutes later, he finished pulling his boots on, sighed, and said "Once more into the breach!"

Ursula: Hrrrzzzgh.
Kevin:  I love you.
Ursula: zzzrgghh…Love you….
Kevin: Have a good day. I hope you find a chrysanthemum suit.
Ursula: I hope you don’t meet the same fate as the Light Brigade.
Kevin: …
Ursula: zzzzzzzzzzzzz

I’m pretty sure all that really happened, but I wasn’t completely awake, so take it with a grain of salt.

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