The Annual Christmas Warning

So there I was, in the shower, and Kevin walks in with a live rooster under one arm and–


We interrupt this transmission for our yearly scheduled Christmas warning! Do not adjust your monitor!

*             *            *           *          *

Hey, gang!

Well, it’s that time of year again…we are closing in on Christmas, and I’m delivering my annual plug. Prints make great Christmas presents, they’re inexpensive, (and with the economy at the moment, that’s important, god knows…) they’re signed, they’re pretty, and if you’re an overachiever, they can even be popped into a pre-made mat available at any art supply shop and look positively spendy while still costing you under $20. Virtually all of my art is available in print form–if you’re wondering about a specific piece, ask, but most of ’em should be available.

However! If you want a print (and I hope you do) you need to order SOON. I can only guarantee orders will arrive by Christmas if you order between now and the first week of December. (End of November for international orders.) Otherwise you’re at the mercy of the postal system, and remember, they are backed up hard in December. (If you intend to get custom framing for a print…err…you should probably have ordered last month, given my experience with frame shops….so we won’t worry about that.)

Prints are generally $10 for an 8.5 x 11, $20 for a 13 x 19, (limited editions excepted) shipping varies depending on location, but we combine shipping for orders of multiple prints and whatnot. Orders of over $100 get free domestic shipping, and if you order multiple prints, I tend to start cutting deals out of gratitude combined with lackadaisical math skills.

So! Get those orders in soon! Send an e-mail to ursulav (at) with what you’re interested in, we can get you a quote, we take checks or money order or Paypal (and remember to factor the time it takes you to mail a check into your ordering time…) and life is good.

Thus concludes our Annual Christmas Warning. And now, back to your regularly scheduled program…

*         *         *          *         *


—-and after all that, the last I saw, it went off into the sunset with the Domo-kun puppet on its back, and really, what else was there to say?

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