Had a dream last night. It’s a recurring dream, no less.

It’s the old classic–back in school, late for something, can’t remember what room the class is in, etc, etc. The problem is that at some point, somewhere, it finally clicked over in my brain that I’m thirty-one years old. I have had a bachelor’s degree for over a decade. On some level, I no longer accept the premise. My self-image, for whatever reason, is rock-solid clear on the fact that I am not in school any more, that I am as old as some of my teachers were, and that we’re really past all this.

So now, I have a recurring dream that they have discovered that I failed a grade in grade school, and now I have to go back and re-take it or it negates all my transcripts and my degree will be retroactively stripped from me.* (Which grade skips erratically. Sometimes I’m in high school or junior high. Same premise, though.)

Oddly, no one can tell that I’m an adult in the dream, but I occasionally have to explain to other students that no, I’m not going on after graduation, I have graduated already, I just have to fix this one thing.

It’s the same damn late-for-class dream, it’s just that for whatever reason, there is this recurring layer of justification in it.

*Why the hell I would CARE is another question that goes unaddressed…while I have no regrets about getting my B.A. in anthropology, and various tidbits from classes get used a lot (mostly in Digger) the degree itself has been of no particular use in my career.

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