Whew. Okay. Well, leaving aside the horrors of maggottyness in the shower for awhile, I offer the following links of things that are mildly icky, but not quite THAT icky. (Seriously. We need our minds taken off this. Dude.)

ACEO – Never A Good Sign
ACEO – Those Little Teacups (okay, not icky at all, but y’know.)

And, it being that time of year, let me turn your attention to zombies. If you have not been listening to Mur Lafferty’s podcast "The Takeover," it’s brief and highly entertaining, in the ol’ style radio drama sort of way…but forget me talking, Kevin did a much better review over at Intrepid Media. Go! Read!

(Even if you’re not into podcasting (and I’m really not) this is very accessible stuff that requires very little investment in terms of technological poking. I recommend it highly if you have heard of podcasting, but have not gotten into it because it’s a whole ‘nother world, because that’s about where I am with it.)

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