Pin The Tail On The Ursula

The second half of the con report is still pending, but as Carlota has posted the incriminating photos, I will have to explain part of Saturday.

Many moons ago, when Carlota first began dating a furry…well, I gave her some shit for it. (Meanwhile, I promptly began dating a Lutheran. This is what is known as karma.*) Mostly what I said consisted of “So how long before we get you in the ears and a tail?”

She denied that this would ever occur. I continued to hound her, because if you can’t mock your friend, what good are they?

Finally she tried the nuclear option. “Fine! I’ll wear a tail if you will!”

“DONE!” I replied.


“What you don’t realize, m’dear,” I said, cackling, “is that I have nothing to lose!”

Well. Nothing but my dignity, anyway.

Months passed, and Carlota appeared at Anthrocon, threatening to make good on this deal with the devil. “Fine,” I said. “You find us black bunny tails, I’ll wear it.” (Well, wombats don’t really have much in the way of tails…)

She found them. And then she attached the tail, while Kevin and Pseudo laughed like hyenas and took photos.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, if you visit this entry, you, too, can see A) photos of me in leather, and B) a video of a bunny tail getting pinned to my rear. (Pseudo is the bald guy in the background threatening me with a 2-gig hard drive, and Kevin is the voice off-camera threatening me with having this on the internet within the hour.) (Kevin is also the bald guy with the goatee in the background of the two photos)

Ganesh help us all.

*Whether furry trumps Lutheran or vice versa may require a cage match–fursuit vs. hot dish! The battle of the century!–to decide.

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