Scent Blogging #…something or other

Today, something slightly different, as I’m blogging odors that I have handed off to favored guinea pig

for testing. (Not sure how long most of these last in practice–if I were a good scientist, I’d pick a day we spend mostly together and sniff him at carefully measured intervals, but…err…I haven’t.)

Wrath — Spicy, rather heavy. Smells….um….red, if that makes any sense. I think it’s the cinnamon. Test subject liked this one.

Dragon’s Hide — heavy on the dragon’s blood. Not a bad smell, but the musks make it difficult to separate from most standard men’s colognes/body washes/etc, so while pleasant, not terribly distinctive, except for the somewhat metallic undertone from the dragon’s blood. Test subject also liked this one.

Golden Priapus — “I don’t know about this one…” Test subject felt he smelled a little too pretty. Test subject is confident enough in his masculinity to order pink drinks, but feels the line may need to be drawn somewhere.

Hellfire Club — tobacco and leather, but not particularly potent in practice as far as I noticed (or may just have gotten lost, since test subject is a light smoker and wears a leather hat.)

De Sade — raw leather, very potent. Very nearly climbed over back of couch to sniff behind test subject’s ears. Don’t know about the rest of the world, but that smell goes right to the animal hindbrain for ME. Long lasting, too, sticks around for quite awhile. Test subject requested a bottle of this one.

In conclusion, highly highly recommend De Sade for men. Wrath’s not half bad either. The others I could take or leave. He didn’t seem to have the problem of scents turning into baby powder on him, which might be simply a male chemistry thing, or pure luck.

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