Monthly Archives: April 2008

The blinds on the sliding glass door are open, and Angus is crouched down, watching, very intent, on…a bunny. It’s an enormous stringy rabbit with big eyes, roughly the same size as Angus, and the cat isn’t quite sure if he wasn’t to go outside and beat it up, or stay inside just in case […]

Okay, I can tell I have PMS. My patience with that Orphaned Art crap has bottomed out–getting REALLY sick of the DA notes, my replies get terser and less courteous*–and I think I just snapped at a commenter for spreading the urban legend that lemmings throw themselves off cliffs. I was growling something to the […]

Birds, birds, birds…

The feeder is covered with birds this morning. House finches, cardinals, a coupla varieties of woodpecker, brown-headed nuthatches…the juncoes have been replaced by scrabbling sparrows, and the occasional goldfinch comes in for the Uber-Mega-Finch-Sock. The warm days we’ve been having have changed the duck pond–the scaup and mergansers that overwintered have left for more congenial […]