Monthly Archives: April 2008

God help me. I have gone native. Today I had a craving for…deep-fried grit cakes. Don’t get me wrong. Can’t abide grits in standard grit form. But there is a local place called Lucky 32 that makes deep-fried grit cakes, smothered in tasso ham with this garlic cream sauce and fried onions that makes my […]

Where does the day go? My god, I’m self-employed and I run out of time running errands and answering e-mail! How do people with real jobs manage? No wonder our society is overstressed and overmedicated… Also, Angus has apparently gone mad and is trying to make my skirt wrestle with him. With me in it.

The Kirkus review is in and…err… …they liked it. The Review:A reclusive young shrew develops a taste for adventure in this short,witty debut. With the example of his long-absent grandmother Surka-“afighter, a dishwasher, and a pirate queen”-before him, little Nurkstocks up an empty shell he calls the Snailboat and sets off downriverin response to a […]