Brief Girly Moment

Ahem. I am about to get all girly. Please avert your eyes, it may be disgusting.

They’re…they’re…knee-high, and black and have buckles and rows of spikes and leather flames and they are so wonderfully absurdly metal. These are Deathklok boots. They’re like body armor. They’re wonderful.

Two inch sole, too. I’m TALL.

I’m not sure if I would call these sexy, per se. More ass-kicking. Less fetish, more industrial. These things are solid. They will find any stiletto-heeled dominatrix boot around and kick it to the curb. (Mind you, there are probably plenty of people who find that sexy…) On t’other hand, if I wear ’em with that one leather skirt I picked up in Toronto, I will arguably look like the Gothest Cheerleader Ever.*

Pretty comfy, though. They weigh a ton, but you get used to that soon enough. New Rock gets kudos. I may be in agony at the end of the day, of course (and yes, I’m bringing along a different pair of shoes, because only a fool wears untried boots to a convention without emergency backup.) Only problem so far is that I can’t kneel or crouch in them. The leather bends fine, but I take a row of spikes in the back of the thigh, and nobody wants that.

On the downside, my wardrobe consists almost entirely of jeans, and they would not fit over the spikes at all, so I may have to–after thirty years of resistance–start wearing short skirts.


I think the cats are scared of them. Angus fled the room when I came tromping towards him, and Ben took his meds like a little lamb. We’ll see how he deals with getting shoved in the carrier, since he’s being boarded for the weekend so I’m sure his meds get administrered. (In the interests of full disclosure, I put the boots on as soon as they arrived, and have not taken them off. Since I was asleep when the postal guy arrives, this means I am currently wearing a fuzzy bathrobe, bright purple granny panties, and DEATH BOOTS. This is not particularly sexy, but it’s amusing the hell out’ve me. Possibly that may be what’s scaring the cats.)

Anyway, my boots and I will be at Technicon, so come on by and say hi! Buy some art! Check out the new lapel pins!

*Note to self–find black pom-poms before Halloween.

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