I have been having a good few days. Had dinner Sunday with my boyfriend’s clan, who are lovely people. Had a good time. (Some of this might have been due to his sister’s skill with a rum and coke. Damn. I mean, I can taste alcohol in something from across the room, but this was good.)

Last night went out dancing, which was a great deal of fun. Did make the unsettling discovery that if one is going to wear a corset*, one must pretty much acquire the lower half of the outfit while wearing the corset. I did not know this. A pair of pants that fit me beautifully under normal circumstances turn two sizes too large as soon as everything’s laced up. This startled me–the waist, okay, yeah, but I didn’t expect to lose that much ass to an article of clothing that stops above the hips!

In other news, corsets are possibly the greatest article of clothing ever invented.

And the art sells. And my contract from Penguin should come through soon. And my con-prep is not looking so deadly this week as I’d feared, so a few days of casual printing and some small paintings, and I should be fine.

And my boyfriend walked into the apartment last night, cocked his head, and said “Hey, is this Billy Collins?”**

If my life gets any better, I’m gonna start assuming that I was hit by a car andam having coma wish-fulfillment dreams. Seriously. I realize I had a really shitty 2007 and all, and it’s very nice of the universe to give me a break, but much more of this and I’m gonna be looking for falling anvils or something.

*In this case, actually a leather halter top with back lacing, but same basic principle, and marginally warmer given our current cold snap.

**American poet laureate. There are all sorts of reasons to find someone attractive, but I confess that knowledge of and affection for the work of Collins takes a sledgehammer to the throw-panties-at-the-stage center of my brain. (This is perhaps dangerous information to put on the internet, I grant you, but I’m feeling reckless this morning.) Just when I think I’ve found the coolness limit on this guy, something else comes up…

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