Today was productive.

Despite the fact that allergies kept me awake–or actually, because of–I was up at 4 AM, allowing me to finish the Very Minor Demon and get the last bits of gold on another piece. Then I caught a few hours of sleep, went over to my most excellent buddy

, who installed my new car stereo (a gift from the most excellent Carlota, by way of the fabulous Tugrik, who was of the opinion that listening to my iPod through the cassette deck was just all kinds of sad.) I have never watched a car stereo be installed before. It was complicated. However, he not only did it perfectly, he also fixed the bit where my car alarm was falling onto my brake pedal, which hadn’t killed me yet but was probably thinking about it. (He had to lay upside down in the driver’s seat to do it. Jason is a big dude, so this was above and beyond the call of duty.)

Then I went off to the flea market, since I was right there, to do a lot of window shopping and pick up some clearance Fiestaware, and had an amusing encounter that I’ll tell you about if you buy me a drink some time.* Also found a small silver Ganesh pendant, and succumbed. (Although having the Remover of Obstacles and Opener of the Way dangling in one’s cleavage may prove problematic in some regards.) Then I went back home, and I got art scanned and e-bayified and e-mail answered and then I kinda went nuts and cleaned the place.

Like really nuts.

Like PMS may have been involved.

Like I hung four paintings, scrubbed the toilet and the stove, beat out the bath mat, and then went out and bought a mop. It’s one of those Swiffer wet jet things. I had to take batteries out of a vibrator to run the thing. (On the list of things that have made me feel OLD, that was up there with the time a girl in a bar told me she’d been following my art since she was twelve. And then bought me a drink. I’m still not over that…)

So I mopped. Angus fled to the top of the TV. Ben came to investigate. He gave me a look of pity after awhile–didn’t I know that I should just bury the grimy bits?–and decided that I had clearly lost the last shreds of my mind, but perhaps I could still be trusted to provide wet food.

And now I am just about ready to try sleep again, if the damn allergies will leave me alone…

*Absinthe is preferred.

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